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How Product Demos Can Increase Sales

How Product Demos Can Increase Sales
Recently, the team at One to One Box took a day to film some product demos, the results of which are now available below and on our home page. The videos were created to demonstrate how a simple product demo, stripped down to what we call the “value areas of video,” can increase awareness, engagement, and sales.

Zappos, a company who’ve integrated over 100,000 short product demos, cites a sales increase of up to 30% on products that have a video associated with them. What greater incentive can there be for a business looking to increase their online product sales?

121Box Square Reader Demo121Box Gaiam Yoga Mat Demo121Box Sous Vide Demo121Box Good Cook Cutting Mats Demo121Box JFit Ankle Weights Demo121Box Asics Gel Nimbus Demo121Box BodyFit Demo121Box Line6 GuitarPort Demo121Box Solio Solar Charger Demo121Box Vitamix Demo

Product demo videos also address a question that I and just about anyone who’s thought about video placement on the Web confronts: “How is video best integrated with the flow of content?” These product demos are designed to be simple and complementary to the other information a customer is getting about a product, which means it’s less important for the video to contain an exhaustive list of product features than to show a real person engaged with it. It’s also less important (in our opinion) that the engagement cover every aspect of what the product can do than to provide a window in. Videos that complete the process of a cake being baked or a milkshake being blended are closer to the traditional advertising paradigm of an idealized experience. But online users are more apt to respond to a straightforward summation of what the product can do, as well as the implicit (and actionable) assumption that “the rest is up to you.” These videos may be less immersive than fancy ads but leave more space for the viewer to create their own online narrative, which can include everything from reading reviews, reviewing product specs, checking pricing, sharing the info with a friend, bookmarking the page for future reference to proceeding to checkout; all things that a more immersive video might overshadow.

And while we’ve minimized the expectation that online video should be as immersive as television, our expectations for the integration of video in the overall user experience could not be higher. We also care a great deal about video quality. As videographers, we’re often hired to make great videos then removed from the process of properly integrating them. However, the same expertise that allows us to make the best choice about which frame to edit or what shot to include should also govern decisions about video placement vis-a-vis text and other content.

In terms of video quality, there is no doubt that the character, engagement and performance of the person presenting product is critical and also needs to be in line with product and brand. Clean, crisp lighting, sound and editing are all factors that can bring the viewer closer to a feeling of knowing and trusting the product.

We’re excited about our product demos, which comprise the range of products we represent best: technology, food, entertainment, sports, health, beauty. We had a great time making them and look forward to the opportunity to help your company engage with more customers and sell more products.

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