Running People

One to One Box is proud to be launching Running People, a new mockumentary web series. Running People  Check out our vimeo channel here, and help us create more episodes by making a tax-deductible donation through our fiscal sponsor, Center For Independent Documentary


Created and written by Mike Axinn and Daniela Province. Starring Margo Hall, Chris Morrell, Anthony McGrath, Brandon Callender, Kristan Kirsh, Alex Ho — and real runners. 

Get an inside look into the world of runners, and we mean really inside. Meet Romney, a hotel concierge who has a bad case of "runner’s block." Watch Helen, tryer of new things, power shop her way to a new sport. Follow ultra-runner Jack as he tries to launch his organic energy gel. And keep up with Kudstein, the podiatrist to them all.

Running People. They’re just like other people, except they’re not.


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