A Busy Year & A Brand New Company

Our commitment to collaboration has borne fruit in many ways but most recently with the formation of a new video agency, Tabula, in partnership with my friend and longtime client, Karman Ng.

Having worked on over 30 videos together, our ideas about how to help businesses improve the way they market videos are remarkably similar. So much so that when Karman began to write copy for the Tabula website it was as if he were translating my own thoughts. We've always worked well together, with a minimum of ego and many great meals. In fact, the whole thing (name, website, philosophy) came together over a long dinner and several phone calls.

In very short order we produced a successful video campaign for Wavemaker Partners to fund development of Graze, the world’s first electric, fully autonomous commercial lawnmower. We look forward to sharing that holistic approach with lots of new clients in the coming year. And stay tuned for our commercial to promote the very hot new idea that videos don't go viral by themselves

So far in 2019, One to One Box has also produced videos for startups including Hearo LiveElemeno Health and Bird Scooters, an extended series of training videos for longtime client ThermoFisher, a four-part animated series for Roche/Genentech, and an innovative follow up to the animated series, in which we interviewed Roche employees from five different continents and wove their responses to the principles we had introduced in the animation.

We love figuring out how to translate your companies' ideas into compelling video language. And we also love just making videos, like the new ones we shot this summer for Running People, sandwiched in as they were between client work, and thanks to the generous support from several key donors, out amazing crew, and wonderful actors. The new episodes are not yet public, for the very good reason that we've submitted them to Sundance, which now has a category for episodic television. We hear back in December.

We're happy with our progress, and grateful for the friendships we've formed along the way. It's no longer the beginning for us, but I'll quote one of my favorite silly lines from Casablanca, "Louis, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship."

Thanks for sharing that with us!

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