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Juliette Powell: Authenticity Attracts

For Juliette Powell, author, entrepreneur, integrated media specialist and co-founder of WeTheData.org, the best way to increase brand awareness is by dropping the act.

Juliette was one of four panelists who spoke at our event, Online Video: Social Media Integration, in November. In the following video excerpt from the panel, she addresses the question: how do you make a successful video for your business?


According to Juliette, authenticity means being honest about your reasons for doing something, even if it means admitting you are only interested in selling yourself or your business. But businesses also need to remain true to their particular brand. If you’re producing authentic content that is of value to others, people will come to you. Make sure you are utilizing multiple channels of distribution because the more people see you share your authentic self, the more likely they’ll be to come towards your brand, product, or your service.

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