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Remember Your Audience in Online Video

David Spark was one of four panelists who spoke at our event, Online Video: Social Media Integration last week in San Francisco. The video below is an excerpt from the panel and answers the question: are businesses doing the right thing with online video?


David refers to businesses who need video as a PR 180, they hire a PR firm to create content about their business, or get others to create content. The problem arises when it comes to presentation of that content.

In the same way a magazine or television station elevates its own brand through its content, your business can accomplish the same thing by interviewing the “rock stars” from your own industry. Connecting with influencers in your industry and creating content around them also gives you implied endorsements. If you’re a marketing firm and interview social media rock stars and post on your blog, your audience will pay more attention.

But, are businesses doing this?

The problem is companies are so focused on their sales message that they forget about the content. Content must always lead a video. It’s understandable, companies think, we’re paying for this so we have to get our message in. But when a video starts with the set up, sales message 1, sales message 2, sales message 3…you’ve lost your viewers before the punch line.

Approaching video in sales mode makes the content suffer and is no longer something people want. Though it is difficult to let go of this idea, if you worry less about your company’s marketing message and remember your audience, your videos will be much more effective.


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