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Online Video: Going Forward-A Night of Ideas, Networking and Video Production

One to One Box is offering three FREE videos to be produced On The Spot™, and discounted videos to all attendees.  The night will open with drinks and light snacks.

On Monday June 11, from 6-9pm, at Chromium Forum, 440 Brannan Street, San Francisco, One to One Box and Chromium Forum will be hosting a panel to explore the future of online video, something we’ve written about quite a bit. Of course, no one really knows exactly what the future holds, but by putting some really smart people in a room, we think we might take a stab or two at figuring it out.

Online Video: Going Forward will be a chance for marketers to interact and learn more about the future of online video. Panelists will include Jonathan Halperin, Emmy-winning producer at National Geographic, Jennifer Nielsen, Marketing Director at Tango (formerly at YouTube & Ning), and Annaliza Savage, Head of Video at Wired.com. The panel will be hosted by One to One Box founder/CEO Mike Axinn and introduced by Tony Wessling, founder of Chromium Forum and Creative Director at the Wessling Group. We’ll explore online video, where we think it’s headed and what that means for marketers.

About the panel:

Jonathan Halperin is an Emmy-winning producer, writer, and director. He recently founded 17 Reasons, an  independent production company, and is currently in development on a public television and new media project funded by HHMI. Halperin was a senior executive producer for event programming at National Geographic Television and most recently oversaw two natural history series’ of Planet Earth scale and a documentary special with James Cameron. During his time as executive producer of National Geographic Explorer, the program garnered 18 national news and documentary Emmy nominations, national Emmys for investigative journalism and research, and a Television Academy Honor for “Television with a Conscience.” Halperin’s own films have been broadcast on PBS, NBC, CNBC, the National Geographic Channel and TechTV. The New York Times called his film, Secrets of Revelation, “a thing of beauty: a real aesthetic and moral achievement.”

Jennifer Nielsen, Marketing Director at Tango (formerly at YouTube & Ning). Jenny currently serves as the director of marketing for Tango, the leader in mobile video communications that helps people stay close to those they care about.  At Tango, she leads all marketing and communications efforts for the company including driving public relations strategy, email marketing, and customer retention efforts for more than 50 million users worldwide.  Prior to Tango, Jenny helped launch YouTube in December 2005 and officially joined the company in April 2006 as its second marketing hire prior to the Google acquisition.  In her time at YouTube / Google, she lead communications efforts for a variety of verticals including music, fashion and beauty, and syndication.  Jenny holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism from California State University, Chico.  When not working for rocketship video companies, she enjoys spending time with her dog Lucy at Fort Funston.

Annaliza Savage is the Executive Video Producer for Wired.com. Before joining Wired, Savage was the Executive Producer at Ziff Davis Media the Senior Producerof Cranky Geeks with John C Dvorak, and Extended Play for Tech TV. Savage directed the documentaries ‘Creating the Nebula’ and ‘Unauthorized Access’ a film about computer hackers, which has been shown at festivals and museums around the world. Savage has won numerous awards for her work.

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