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Did I Mention, We've Got a New Web Site!

I'm very proud to launch our new 121Box.com Web site. And I don't say that lightly. This Web site really shows our capabilities as video producers and how we are able to bring out what's really special about the individuals and businesses we serve.

Web sites are funny things. Every company needs one but few truly live up to their potential. Like online video, the Web site is a phenomenon we're still learning to get the most from. So why do I like ours? For starters, we are a video company, so we obviously want video to be how we show what we can do. Our new home page has pretty words, graphics, and images arranged in a way that is, well, pretty. But above all, it's an elegant launch pad for the videos we've had the good fortune to produce. A mouse-over reveals play buttons to six different styles of video. In addition, the icons for companies we've worked with are also video links. That makes a total of 12 videos that can be viewed without leaving the home page. 

If you know me or have read some of my blog posts, you'll know that I've spent the last few years in search of the ideal medium for playing videos online. There are many factors to consider. Do we need them to be searchable, immersive, interactive? Can the video work across multiple surfaces and devices? I don't think anyone has definitively answered those questions and I'm not saying we have either. Still, our new design makes me happy. It's a place to share our video collaborations with current clients and give new ones an idea what they can expect when they sign on with One to One Box.

My sincere thanks to the team at Idean (Juulia, Risto, Arto, Bruce), who gave us this great design and proudly feature our videos on their home page, as do several of our clients. Thanks also to Charlie at Coastside, who brought our new Web site to life. And to all our great clients who trust us time and time again to share the fine work they do with the world.

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