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Fast Times at One to One Box

It’s been a busy few months for One to One Box. Our collaborations with new and existing clients have expanded the limits of our expertise and provided opportunities to explore new ways to bring video to online audiences! In the coming weeks, we’ll be sharing more about our work with our terrific clients, but here is a little preview.  

La Terra Fina is a remarkable company that produces an enticing array of fresh food products. Our 5-part series for them includes a company overview, a music montage, and product demos all done from a single-day shoot, embracing our “whole animal” approach, which makes the video process more cost-effective by using valuable footage that might otherwise be left on the cutting room floor.

one to one box

The food (and wine) theme continues in our work on three other projects: a co-producing/editing collaboration with Lee Doyle of Credible Communications to showcase the remarkable work being done by CUESA (Center for Urban Education about Sustainable Agriculture) and their Foodwise Kids program to educate children about sustainable food. See above.

We also traveled to Italy to shoot planting and harvest for Poggio La Noce, which makes a remarkable wine called Gigio from the Sangiovese grape and an olive oil noted for its freshness and pungency. A bit closer to our Bay Area home is our ongoing project for Nopa Restaurant’s Nopalize.com web site, where we’re advising on workflow and creating video content. Stephen Satterfield, a passionate food and wine expert and former floor manager at Nopa, created Nopalize to expand the Nopa community and promote source-to-table food values through the Seasons event series. 

Another favorite client is Bonfire Communications, who recently challenged us to expand our expertise from live-action to motion graphics with a new company overview that celebrates their acquisition by the New York-based global branding firm, Lippincott, called “Why We Did What We Did.” We also produced a very cool behind-the-scenes look at the folks who make Bonfire tick, as an introduction to their new Lippincott colleagues, featuring interviews with the entire Bonfire team.

We are currently working on five different videos for Energy Recovery, who made their name as a pioneer in recycling energy from the fluid flow processes. You can see some of our work for them here.  

And finally, one of our personal favorite projects right now is the 15-minute training video we’re working on for BIA for Autism. Done in a similar style to our award-winning collaboration with Runyon, Saltzman & Einhorn and Digital Workshop on a video for Calfresh in 2013, the video will include footage of BIA staff working closely with families with children who have been diagnosed with autism.

As we continue to grow and meet new challenges on behalf of our wonderful list of clients, we are grateful and humbled by the trust they’ve put in us to share their stories. Stay tuned.

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